Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best PSP games for 2006

1)Metal gear Portable ops

2)GTA:vice city stories

3)Pro.evo soccer 6

4)Tekken:Dark resurrection

5)Killzone liberation

Ps1 emulator running on the psp.

These are images of resident evil 3 running on the psp using sony official ps1 emulator. The game runs really well, with no slowdown or graphics glitches.

No need PS3.....

U can also play your already owned old ps1 games on your psp. This means no need to pay $5USD for a game that u already owned. The steps are quite long.....u need to convert your ps1 cd format to iso or img on your pc, then convert iso or img to eboot format for the psp. Lastly copy eboot file to psp, then PLAY ON!!! i will post some pictures of the ps1 emulator in action. The emulator runs in full speed with sound and all.

playing ps1 games on my psp!!!

Sony has just released their lastest firmware 3.03 for the psp which includes a ps1 emulator. This means u will be able to play your favorites ps1 games on your psp anytime anywhere!!! But sadly u will need to use a PS3 to download ps1 games which cost $5USD per game....