Thursday, August 23, 2007

Limited edition starwar pack.

Sony will also launch these star war bundle on the 7 october 2007 for $199.99. this bundle include a limited edition psp that has a drath vader sticker at the back of the psp. It also comes with the new star war battlefront renegade game.

Sony to launch PSP-200(SLIM) this September.

PSP slim is 33% lighter and 11% slimmer. It has double the ram of current psp to have faster load times, a tv output( so now you can play your psp games on a lrage screen) , it is also more power efficient, remap d-pad now has a better feel. The screen size remains the same which is a good thing. These babies will be selling for $169.99 core unit. The bundle is selling for $199.99 which includes 1 UMD game, 1gb memory stick, 1 UMD video, and the psp(includes battert,charger etc.) Which is really a great deal.