Friday, September 21, 2007

yeah! PSP experiences six times increase in sales last week, DS falls to Crisis!

The latest Official Media Create Japanese hardware sales are in for the week ending September 16 and they reveal that the PSP beat everybody, including the DS with over 15,000 units to spare. The PSP came tops with 95,487 units sold (thanks due to Crisis Core) while the DS sold 79,974 units. Elsewhere, sales for the Wii at 26,181 were quite poor judging by Nintendo's high performances previously and the PS2 and PS3 managed to sell just over 13,000 units each. As per usual the Xbox 360 was way behind selling just 1243 units in Japan last week.

Latest Media Create Weekly Sales Figures
1. PlayStation Portable: 95,4872.
2.Nintendo DS: 79,9743.
3.Nintendo Wii: 26,1814.
4.PlayStation 2: 13,1285.
5.PlayStation 3: 13,1016.
6.Xbox 360: 12437.
7.Game Boy Advance: 8368.
8.Nintendo GameCube: 97

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