Saturday, October 20, 2007

IPhone review....

i been testing out the Iphone for a few days i am going to write a short review of the good and bad points of this IPhone. First a really like the nice screen...image looks really nice and sharp. i also like the safari web browser. Surfing the internet on my IPhone is as fast as surfing the new on my PC. The 2 mega-pixel camera is decently good. It is also an i can play music and video too. It also support Youtube.
The cons are it has no 3G, 2 mega-pixel camera, no memory slot, cant open up battery.

: Nice huge screen.
: Real good safari browser.
: Fun to view Photo
: also an Ipod
: nice sleek design
: no 3G....
: no memoryslot
:only a 2 mega pixel camera

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