Thursday, November 29, 2007

woah...Crysis looks so much better on my 32" LCD TV

I just hooked up my pc to my LCD TV just to see how well will my games my surprise, the game so much better and ran much smoother. crysis image above is played with max settings and max resolution. Really going back to my 19" pc LCD....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Insance Crysis graphics!!!

These pictures are taken when Crysis is being played at very high setting. As you can see...the graphics are sick, no game on the planet looks anyway as good as Crysis in term of graphics. But of u will need the very best rig to run this game with very high settings. So far i haer the very best pc on earth is only able to run this game with 25-30FPS during very high settings. I only managed to play this game with low and medium setting with my nvidia 7900GT. Just take a look and enjoy these beautiful crysis images.

One Million PSP Lites in Japan

A little over two months following its release, and the PSP-2000 has reached a major shipment milestone. Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that as of 11/22, the redesigned portable has crossed the one million units shipped mark in Japan.The original PSP took two weeks longer to reach the mark, according to Sony.Since its official Japanese release on 9/20 (the one million units in today's announcement does not include sales from the limited edition Crisis Core pack, released a week earlier), the PSP-2000 has been a hot item on the weekly sales charts, beaten only by the DS Lite. December 13 will see the release of a Deep Red color variation and a 1seg tuner bundle pack.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Playing Crysis on my Pc....

I am currently playing Crysis on my u all know, my xbox360 got 3 red lights and wouldnt be back for a couple of weeks. So more pc gaming for me. Everyone knows that Crysis is a beautiful looking game. These screens above i taken from my pc which i was playing Crysis. The amazing part is these screen is taken when Crysis is only running of medium settings.....still it looks stunning! My pc spec are DuoCore 3.00GHZ, 2gb ram, nvidia 7900GT....can only play on medium settings....high setting will make this game lag like hell. After playing for 2 hours....this game is not only nice to look at but the gameplay is really good too....A.I is smart, physic are next gen, guns can be mod in real time, can swith between super speed, strenght etc in real time.....everything above this game is amazing....i only wish i got a Nvidia 8800GTX so i can play this game in high settings.....This game has to poential to be GOTY! True a must buy for pc gamers who also have a rig that can handle this game! Cheers!

Crisis Core is Square's best selling game this year

If we needed more proof, and we probably didn't, that Japan is head-over-heels in love with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core here's some more. Square Enix recently announced Crisis Core was its best-selling game across all regions from April through September with 710,000 copies sold in Japan. Bringing up second place is the DS' Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings with 530,000 units sold. However, Japan isn't the only region a PSP-developed title beat out the rest. According to The Magic Box, the PSP's Final Fantasy also topped all other Square titles in North America during the same time frame, selling 130,000 copies.What makes this feat even more ridiculous is Crisis Core was released in Japan in mid-September, giving the game only a couple weeks to reach such impressive numbers. I finished playing this game and play and i have to say this game is freaking amazing. Top notch graphics, music, gamplay is fun aswell. Just hope they release the US version asap!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Insane Alienware laptop....

While they don't exactly come as much of a surprise after a couple of leaks and that little website slip-up, Alienware has finally gotten official with is new Area-51 m15x and m17x laptops, which each pack more power than you'll likely need in your choice of two eye-catching designs. The m15x, as you can no doubt surmise, is a 15.4-inch model, which gives you enough room for dual hard drives, along with your choice of Core 2 Duo Extreme processors, NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX graphics, 667MHz DDR2 memory, and plenty of other high-end specs to match. The m17x appears to be identical in most respects, but its 17-inch display also affords just enough room for a third hard drive which, as we had heard earlier, can include SSD if you so choose

World smallest projector....

On the lookout for portable projection? Sure, us too. That's why we were pleased to see these new Oculon Hikari Pro1440 and Pro920 (pictured) projectors land in our tips box this morning. The pair can project a 15- or 20-inch display from a distance of just 2-feet. The $399 Pro1440 LCoS model throws 250 lumens across a 20-inch, 800 x 600 pixel display from Composite or D-Sub15 RGB connected sources including game consoles, laptops, and portable media players. Things drop down to 25 lumens across a 15-inch, 640 x 480 pixel display for the $299 Pro920 which measures just 86 x 44 x 85-mm. "World's tiniest," as Oculon claims? Maybe. At least until TI and Microvision get their acts together. Pro1440 pictured after the break.

Haze delay till 2008(PS3)....

Ubisoft announced the delay of Haze a Ps3 Exlucsive game till first quarter of 2008.

Patapon box art.

Japan is getting two hotly-anticipated PSP games soon. First is the rhythm + cuteness + war game, Patapon. This game has you controlling a rather vicious group of adorable cuddly things on their conquest to destroy everything in their sight. Of course, you do so with the power of music.Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikda is a RPG where you try to stop potential heroes with your minion horde. This reverse-dungeon crawler features some old school graphics, but maybe that's part of its charm.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Window Vista Ultimate....

I got Vista and office Ultimate...but i dont feel like upgrading yet......i hear Vista will slow down your pc real bad. I will wait for another week before i decide to upgrad

e or not lol.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Istuff Phone Dock

It was simply a matter of time before someone crafted a HiFi-inspired boombox tailored to play extra nice with Apple's iPhone, and now that the handset is loose (officially, that is) in the UK, iStuff is delivering the "world's first iPhone compatible speaker dock." The device, which is also compatible with dock-connecting iPods, sports a four-inch woofer, a pair of mid-range drivers and a couple of tweeters, all powered by a 40-watt amplifier. Furthermore, the unit includes a S-Video output, 3.5-millimeter auxiliary jack, USB connector and an IR remote to keep the jams spinnin' from the comfort of your own couch. The PhoneDock claims to be superior to those other guys by not introducing static / noise when an iPhone is connected, but who knows how much truth there is to all that. Nevertheless, those willing to take the plunge can snag one now for £129 ($272).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unsurprising: Oblivion on way to cancellation

The mysterious Elder Scrolls Travels game that was supposedly in development for PSP has been considered vaporware for quite some time. Now, Kotaku is reporting that GameStop stores are calling the unfortunate few that pre-ordered the game, telling them that the game is canceled.This comes as unsurprising news, especially when one considers the incredible lack of news surrounding the title. Although GameStop is saying the game is dead, Bethesda still refuses to comment on the game. "We haven't changed our stance that we are not talking about this title right now," says Pete Hines, V.P. of Marketing and Public Relations at Bethesda

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally, a battery cover for the PSP-2000

This will accept the larger batteries from the old PSP model. Why would you want to use the older batteries? Well, they'll increase battery life of the system. No official Sony peripheral supports this, but if PSP-Vault is right about these third-party covers, this is what you've been waiting for. At less than $4, there isn't much risk involved in finding out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spider-man PSP bundle revealed

Europe will be getting a new PSP-2000 bundle, featuring a red and black PSP Slim and Lite, a copy of Spider-man 3 the video game, and Spider-man 3 movie UMD. The red PSP will feature black buttons and a black back, giving it a truly distinct look.Earlier in the year, The Simpsons PSP-2000 bundle was also announced, and we're assuming it will also bundle both the game and the movie with a limited edition system.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Daedalus R13 released - N64 Emulator for PSP

It's out! The latest build of the N64 Emulator for PSP known as Daedalus R13 has been released and comes complete with savestate support. Moreover, there are some optimisations that should give up to a 20% increase in speed depending on the title being played. Give it a spin and let us know how you get on. More information and downloads are available here.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Arsenal is the King of comebacks!!

Arsenal preserved their place on top of the Premier League after William Gallas's late equaliser earned a dramatic 2-2 draw against Manchester United on Saturday.
Gallas's late intervention ensured Arsene Wenger's side stayed ahead of United on goal difference and extended their unbeaten run this season to 18 matches in all competitions. Go Cesc Fabregas !

OMG!!WTF!!! My xbox360!!

i never played my x360 since last my friend came to my plce to play some Halo3. I powerup my x360 and everything was fine....then i load the game, the game hangs at the menu screen. So i tot hang no big deal. I push the restart button and next thing i know is 3 RED LIGHT OF DEATH on my x360!!!! OMG, i haven even finish bluedragon, and was looking forward for Masseffect!!! I am so sad and piss now!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Star Ocean limited edition PSP system revealed

Missed out on your chance to get the Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core limited edition PSP? Well, Square Enix is giving you yet another chance to squander your money. The Star Ocean limited edition PSP comes with this specially colored and designed system, a metallic pouch and a copy of the game. It'll be available in Japan on December 27th. Interested importers can check out Play-Asia and YesAsia.

OMG!!! 32gb thumb drive??

Here is my dad u can is 32GB!!! I never sen a 32gb thumbdrive before. The best part is that it is only RM60 that is $16USD. what a buy. Anyway i tested it and it was the real thing. My dad said he bought it from a his China friend....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flatout: Head on for the PSP!

Here are the first images of Empire Interactive's upcoming FlatOut: Head On. The racer seems to draw some heavy inspiration from EA's prized Burnout franchise -- but is that such a bad thing? It's been a while since we've seen a high octane racer on the system, so maybe this will help satiate the thirst of racing fans. Btw...this game looks amazing on the psp!

GT5 for the PS3 looks absolutely beautiful.....

These screen speaks for itself...

Ign banner in PES2008...maybe that is why ign ratted this game soo highly. For people who didnt read ign reveiw on this game...that gave it a 10 for gameplay and 9/10 overall....a little bias if u asked me...