Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crisis Core is Square's best selling game this year

If we needed more proof, and we probably didn't, that Japan is head-over-heels in love with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core here's some more. Square Enix recently announced Crisis Core was its best-selling game across all regions from April through September with 710,000 copies sold in Japan. Bringing up second place is the DS' Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings with 530,000 units sold. However, Japan isn't the only region a PSP-developed title beat out the rest. According to The Magic Box, the PSP's Final Fantasy also topped all other Square titles in North America during the same time frame, selling 130,000 copies.What makes this feat even more ridiculous is Crisis Core was released in Japan in mid-September, giving the game only a couple weeks to reach such impressive numbers. I finished playing this game and play and i have to say this game is freaking amazing. Top notch graphics, music, gamplay is fun aswell. Just hope they release the US version asap!

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