Thursday, November 1, 2007

Manhunt 2....on PSP.

I finally got manhunt 2 for the psp. For those who never hear of manhunt 2 before....Manhunt 2 is the highly controversy game title because of its the most gruesome, dark and unique stealth action titles ever made. This game was actually ban because of being too ultra violent.....but Rockstar Games have finally released this game by censoring the kill scenes. Kill scenes are the best part of this game. Thankfully, hackers managed to hacked the game and remove the cencored and blur kill scenes....making this game sooo much more fun to play. Anyway, manhunt 2 is a great action , stealth game, with brutal kill scences. To uncersor the game.....u will to backup your original psp game and turn it into an iso. The patch file could be found easily.

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