Friday, November 2, 2007

OMG!!! 32gb thumb drive??

Here is my dad u can is 32GB!!! I never sen a 32gb thumbdrive before. The best part is that it is only RM60 that is $16USD. what a buy. Anyway i tested it and it was the real thing. My dad said he bought it from a his China friend....


USB said...

Do NOT be too happy. this is definitely not sony brand cos sony has no such model. it is imitation.

they use recycled flash or sub standard flash to make but package in a nice fake "SONY" plastic. the lifetime is lousy and sometimes last only few weeks (remember it is recycled).

Now the best part is: it can show 32GB or 64GB but inside is only 2G or 4G. So how they do that? It is compression at work. Maximum upto 32GB.

It is just like USB 2.0 can transfer up to 480Mbps but in reality, the maximum speed we have in market is 25MBps. And that's for reading only. Writing is normally below 10MBps. All bull shit!!!

If you go back to that shop, it is already closed and your RM60 is down to the drain. Well, at least you own a fake 32GB for a while.

Anonymous said...

Imitation lah

Joey chew said...

ya...tested it...and turned out it was a