Thursday, November 22, 2007

Playing Crysis on my Pc....

I am currently playing Crysis on my u all know, my xbox360 got 3 red lights and wouldnt be back for a couple of weeks. So more pc gaming for me. Everyone knows that Crysis is a beautiful looking game. These screens above i taken from my pc which i was playing Crysis. The amazing part is these screen is taken when Crysis is only running of medium settings.....still it looks stunning! My pc spec are DuoCore 3.00GHZ, 2gb ram, nvidia 7900GT....can only play on medium settings....high setting will make this game lag like hell. After playing for 2 hours....this game is not only nice to look at but the gameplay is really good too....A.I is smart, physic are next gen, guns can be mod in real time, can swith between super speed, strenght etc in real time.....everything above this game is amazing....i only wish i got a Nvidia 8800GTX so i can play this game in high settings.....This game has to poential to be GOTY! True a must buy for pc gamers who also have a rig that can handle this game! Cheers!

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