Monday, March 17, 2008

First Ever official PSP Challege at the Curve, Piazza

This was the first day at the event...nothing much, just packed with people.

Some of the cosplay contestants, From left is Pirate(jack sparrow), Cloud(FF7), and...a character from Dynasty warrior game i think.

More Cosplay...dress as what i really not too sure. Maybe a character from Tekken?

Cosplay as a Maid....not bad. (sarcasm)

Cosplay as Lili from Tekken

Just some boring announcements...

This PSP Challege 3rd place winner.His total pints scored were 220(Prize was a Sony Cyber-Shot T70 and A PSP slim)

2nd Place Winner.His total points scored was 240. Prizes was a Bravia s Series 32" and a PSP Slim)

ok and this is me collecting my Prizes for 1st place during the PSP Grand Ch allege.:) My total points scored was 250...a real close fight with the second guy.(Prizes were a Vaio CR laptop and a PSP Slim)

Group photo holding the sample Laptop(my laptop no stock lol)

Different angle...everyone looks happy

Group Photo shoot of all participants of MGS: Po

Winner of Juiced 2( Prize was a PSP Slim)

Overall i think it was a successful event, being the first official psp challenge gathering all top psp gamers for a face off.The respond was great,the queues for joining the challenge was long and many did not manage to participate because of limited limited places.i think it was great fun but also very tiring for me. It was a 2 days event. For the first day, i was there from 10.30am to 5.30pm, because of bad weather and heavy rain...all PSP participates are force to come back tomorrow to continue the match. It really was a blessing in disguise because all psp gamers have extra time to train up for tomorrow. The 2nd day i was there from 11 am to 7.30pm...really tiring but also very happy because i won the Championship lol. Looking forward to futures events like this.

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Jas said...

Wow. 1st place...
<3 I want to go!!!