Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hajime Tabata talks about fitting Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in UMD

Square Enix's Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was released yesterday. So that you guys might be able to fully enjoy what the game has to offer, you might want to read what Hajime Tabata had to say when they were still developing the game and fitting it onto a UMD.

Due to schedules and the memory concerns they had with the UMD, Hajime Tabata said, "a good deal of it ended up on the cutting room floor." The story they originally had featured episodes that were more detailed in nature. They also intended to add a multiplayer mode using the PSP network function, but that, too, wasn't fully realized in the final version.

Even if this was the case, Tabata is still proud of how they were able to come up with the game. In fact, he is generally proud what the game is able to bring to fans. He says:

Perhaps the most satisfaction I get from the game is that it functions extremely well as a prequel, and as such, moves seamlessly into FINAL FANTASY VII. After playing the game to the end, I am confident that fans will feel that they have “returned” to the world of FINAL FANTASY VII.

[Via Square Enix]

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