Monday, April 21, 2008

Kojima dissapointed with MGS4....

This month's Edge Magazine that Metal Gear Solid series creator, Hideo Kojima, isn't entirely satisfied with his latest creation. Why? That's just the nature of being an artist, especially one as famously exacting as Kojima. Every sequel to the Metal Gear series is another iteration; another re-tuning of an increasingly polished gameplay experience. So, when envisioning the fourth (and final?) chapter in the Metal Gear Solid saga on a brand new and as-yet-untested piece of hardware, Kojima shot for the moon, looking to "create something revolutionary." When confronted with the limitations of the actual PlayStation 3 hardware (it's human after all), Kojima says "we weren't really aware of what the full-spec PS3 offered – we were creating something we couldn't entirely see."

I guess Kojima over estimated PS3 power....PS3 do have the Cell processor...but its graphics card(RSX) has on 256MB Whatever the reasons. MGS4 will still be a revolutionary to me.

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