Saturday, April 26, 2008 happened again!!!

So yesterday some of my friends drop by at my house to play some games....we always enjoy playing Dead of Alive 4(Fighting game). I turn on my xbox360 and it ran fine. After playing a few rounds.....suddenly my x360 hanged!! i restart the system, and the next thing i knew....3 RED LIGHTS OF DEATH!!! for people who dont know what RROD, 3 red lights of means my x360 is dead and will never start up again.

The worse thing is this is the second time my x360 got RROD...last time it cost me RM250 for repairs and it took 2 months to repair.....My advice to future console buyer....don't ever buy a x360. Buy a Ps3 or wii, it is much safer. I am not planning on spending another RM250 for repairs again.....

At least i still have my PS3 to play....going to buy GTA4 soon too.

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