Friday, April 11, 2008

Survey says: Sony fails to capture female gamer market

According to the results of a survey unleashed upon the world by Net Asia Co. Ltd., the PSP and DS Lite have very specific demographics. Taking answers via the internet and text messages from people aged 15-29 in Japan, it turns out men admitted to PSP as their handheld of choice, with 42% selecting it. Women chose completely differently -- less than 10% opted for the PSP as their handheld of choice (exciting pie chart pictured above).

Take this with the results for the DS and DS Lite, and you see that Sony is losing on a huge chunk of the gaming market -- girls. Females responded almost 80% towards Nintendo's handheld. Sony is trying to break the mold with titles like MyStylist, but they might need more games featuring cute dogs and cats, or more mini-game titles instead of SRPGs to get the majority of casual female gamers interested.

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