Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This can only happen in Japan....Sexy idol anyone?

A Lady Calls Herself "a Sexy Idol"trying to promote

She sang some song like this....

A Japanese guy even got a small ladder to have a better view....but what so nice to view that u need to bring a ladder?

Many people gathered when she was singing...but are they there because of her song or something else? i know why she is call the Sexy Idol...and why soo many peorple gathered around her....some even got ladder....

The Lady Calls Herself "a Sexy Idol" showed up on a vehicle-free street in Akihabara and again showed her butt as well as opening her legs. Then she got off from a guardrail and sold her live tickets (1,000yen/each ($10=100yen)). However, only one person wanted to buy her live ticket after she finished singing.

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