Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally got my GTA4!!!

GTA front cover

GTA back cover

Cutscence during a mission

Driving around Liberty City

The cars in GTA4 looks really good closeup

Shopping for new cloths

Playing online with some friends

Again, playing online...which is one of the strongest feature in GTA4

GTA4 has been getting great review from almost every games review sites. U just don't see games score 10/10 often, in fact the last game that scored 10/10 was soul caliber back in 1999. So after 9 years, finally another masterpiece of a game has arrived.

So i was very eager to play this game myself and see why is this game sooo good.....After playing this game for 2 hours, and it was easy to see why this is such a good game....really really good quality game.
First of, the graphics are beautiful, plenty of detail in the environment, cars, characters.
Secondly, Liberty city feels and looks like a real breathing city.U have the freedom to do anything u want!
Thirdly, a great single player campaign which will last about 30-45 hours.
And lastly, the best feature in the multiplayer!!!! I always wanted to play GTA online...and finally i can do so. Online is supported up to 16 players in a single match. The game also offers many game modes such as death match, cops and robber, team DM, free roam and plenty more!!! i just played multiplayer a couple of round and it was a blast. It is really so much fun playing online with GTA. GTA4 is truely a masterpiece of a game, and is a must buy game of the year.

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