Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HTC unveils new HTC Touch Diamond

The device has some pretty nice interface tech that they're calling TouchFLO 3D that heavily emphasizes one-touch browsing and single-finger dialing. They emphasized web accessibility, zoom-in navigation with "just one hand" and not too many fingers. As expected, the device is loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1, a VGA screen and HSDPA 7.2, among other nice specs.

As expected, the Diamond is loaded with prettiness and specs, including (coming as we get them, so refresh for more):

* Windows Mobile 6.1
* VGA Screen
* Quad-band HSDPA 7.2
* One-touch navigation, including single-finger dialing
* An accelerometer that rotates pictures as you rotate the phone
* One-touch music playback with an animated music browser
* A heavily-animated weather forecast app
* Full-featured desktop-like web browser (Opera) with zoom-in tech that actually reformats to fit the screen upon zoom, although Microsoft promises IE 6 coming soon for it
* Youtube app and content playback
* Available in June in Europe via Orange and the "rest of the world" sometime later
* Orange music store, games, wallpapers, and ringtone downloads
* Orange mobile TV with up to 61 channels
* No normal headphone jack - gotta use HTC's proprietary USB dongle
* "Better battery life" than their other devices (although it uses a smaller battery than the Touch - we'll keep our eye on this) -- will offer a bigger battery at a later time for those who are experiencing battery life issues
* No pricing info just yet

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