Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iphone 1st gen vs. Iphone 3G

So can't decide whether to upgrade your current 1st gen Iphone for iphone 3G? i will list the item that has been improved in Iphone 3G.

1) Iphone 3G has both 3G and GPS build-in.
2) Iphone 3G has better speaker (but still mono)
3) Iphone 3G has better battery life
4) Iphone 3G let u use any headphone u want.
5) Iphone 3G has a slightly brighter Screen.

So do u think it is worth the upgrade? for me, is no. Because there are some other major improvements missing such as a better camera, no video recording, no video call, no larger storage, etc. I would just keep my first gen iphone and wait for Iphone generation 3 for now. People who don't own a Iphone yet should really get this new Iphone 3G.

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