Monday, June 23, 2008

My impression of MGS4....

i am already 15 hours into the game, and now in act 5(final act).All i can say is that MGS4 is the best next-gen game i played to date. I know GTA4 was good, but MGS4 is just better. The gameplay has improved from previous MGS series. Graphics are crazy good looking, better than any other xbox360 or PS3 games.

I haven even played Metal gear online yet because the single campaign is so engaging and i cant stop playing....i played for 7 hours the first day i received my game. I cant remember the last time i play a game that long in a single day. Kojima and his team has created a masterpiece of a game, and MGS4 will be the game of the year. The details in this game is like no other. Every guns shoot and sound different, and bullet holes are different from every guns. So far, this game is perfect for me. The gameplay, music, sound, graphics, story are all top notch stuff. I highly recommend all gamers to try out MGS4, it is that good of a game. Cheers!

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