Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TGS 08: Edge of Twilight (PS3)

FUZZYEYES, an Australian development studio, chose to debut its upcoming 2009 title, Edge of Twilight, at the show, and we were invited in for a private demo. The game captured our attention with its dichotomous day/night gameplay and intriguing combat.

Edge of Twilight is pegged as a steampunk fantasy title which is part Soul Reaver, part God of War. A lot of emphasis is placed on dark and light. Day and night have been split apart, each inhabited by a different civilization. As a half-breed outcast your character, Lex, is able to pass between the two at certain points. Not only does gameplay change in each realm, but your character will also drastically change appearance.

During the day Lex looks similar to Keats from Folklore, with a metal arm and a steampunky lancer-style gun. While in this realm you are able to affect machines, your character is too heavy to jump around, rendering platforming sections nearly impassable. At night he transforms into something a little more monstrous. Part Gollum, part Nightcrawler. In this realm machines are dead, but the emphasis is more on platforming.
Overall Edge of Twilight has us intrigued. It's getting very little attention right now, but we suspect this time next year it may be square on a lot of peoples' radars. There's a way to go before then, but we're liking a lot of what we see. Visceral combat, an interesting mix of genres and gameplay types and the return of some much-loved gameplay mechanics that we haven't seen since the last Legacy of Kain game. We're keen to see how this develops throughout 2009.

Edge of Twilight will be available in 2009 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The demonstration was conducted on the PS3.

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