Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singapore Flyer Strands 173 People for Six Hours, Makes Me Reconsider Riding It

In Singapore, the world's largest Ferris Wheel named the Flyer. The view from the Singapore Flyer, which measures 492 feet tall, is supposed to be astounding, But after fires broke out in the control room, it left 173 people were stranded for six hours last night...The 173 people had to be rappelled down from the capsules, starting from those closest to the bottom. Those who had to wait the longest for rescue efforts were given food, water and methods of relieving themselves. According to commenters at the Straits Times, those at the top received virtually nothing—since it was much harder to communicate with ground crews from about 42-stories up.This isn't even the first time the Flyer's broken down since it's grand opening eight months ago. It stopped thanks to a braking system malfunction in July, and got stuck earlier this month for five hours (on Dec. 4) due to bad weather.

So think twice before riding the world largest Erris Wheel.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pretty cool Iphone games.

IPhone is getting alot of games lately....most of them are crap. But there are some great games as well. My latest games on my Iphone are Crystal Defenders, Sim City, and Katamari. Sim City is great fun, but loading is really slow at times(4 mins). Katamari was surprisingly great fun on the iphone, using iphone tilt function. Crystal Defenders is fun, but controls are kinda poorly done.

Latest FF13 scans.

A Japanese magazine scrounged some new screens of Final Fantasy XIII. There are a few details about the game we have been able to decipher despite knowning no Japanese. There appears to be a very prominent red-headed female character that is reminiscent of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. The gameplay screens are hard to decode, as the menu system looks a bit different and disjointed by comparison to previous FF games. Also, FFXIII appears to stay the course set by FFXII by showing enemies on the field rather than throwing players into random battles.

New Final Fantasy XIII Screens Surface [Smashpad]

Monday, December 15, 2008

Malaysia Pikom PC fair.....

Pikom PC fair is here yet again.....and Just hours ago, the doors burst open to the third and final installment of this year's PC Fair. As you can see, a huge crowd was already on scene before the doors even opened this morning. Insane among of people lining up to get inside. So why so many people?? Got good discount? From what i heard, this year end pc fair has:
1) Nice discounts as a lot of exhibitors are doing promotions for the year end rush.
2) A lot of promoter girls around.
3) Booths are not as big/tall compared to last fair.
4) People have been queuing up since 10AM just to be the first few to grab early bird promotions.
5) Security is tighter.
6) Limited parking space.

Speaking of booth babes....


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New, In-Game Killzone 2 Screens

Gotta hand it to Guerilla/Sony. After years worth of bruhaha over "target renders" and "screenshots", the past few months they've been brutally honest with their Killzone 2 media.

These screens continue that trend. While you're wondering why they're not as impressive as you'd think, instead consider that this is what video games actually look like when you play them on your TV.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Web hosting service.

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Killzone 2 Officially Dated For February!!!

The next big PlayStation 3 exclusive will be hitting North America early next year, as Killzone 2 has been officially dated for February 27, 2009. Sony announced the launch date on today's episode of X-Play. The sequel was infamously confirmed at E3 2005 with a pre-rendered teaser trailer, making the wait almost four years long for Guerrilla Games' futuristic first-person shooter. So stay tune...Killzone 2 is gonna rock your world. The lighting effects in this game is the best i ever seen. Just hope the gameplay, story, multilayer will be as impressive.

What does this mean??? Konami Pls explain!

A new flash site has just gone live on Konami's Kojima Productions website. The flash site is barebones, showing them Konami logo and the above image with text that reads "A Next Metal Gear Is..."

IS what??? i am very curious.
Could it be....

New Metal gear Acid game for Iphone?

New Metal game for DSI?

New Metal gear game for PS3?

New Metal gear game for Xbox360?

Konami.....Pls tell me what is the new Metal gear game!!!