Monday, December 15, 2008

Malaysia Pikom PC fair.....

Pikom PC fair is here yet again.....and Just hours ago, the doors burst open to the third and final installment of this year's PC Fair. As you can see, a huge crowd was already on scene before the doors even opened this morning. Insane among of people lining up to get inside. So why so many people?? Got good discount? From what i heard, this year end pc fair has:
1) Nice discounts as a lot of exhibitors are doing promotions for the year end rush.
2) A lot of promoter girls around.
3) Booths are not as big/tall compared to last fair.
4) People have been queuing up since 10AM just to be the first few to grab early bird promotions.
5) Security is tighter.
6) Limited parking space.

Speaking of booth babes....


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